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What are Bounties?

The Bounty Program streamlines the process of finding motivated and driven developers to contribute to your project. Open-source contributors are offerred a monetary incentive for their work, allowing them to contribute to your project without having to become a full-time developer.


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Anyone can participate as a Funder either by using Solana Pay or transferring funds manually from their crypto wallet.

Please not that Hunters are assigned to bounties manually by project Maintainers.

You're not required to sign in with a GitHub account to simply view and fund bounties. However, doing so will ensure an enhanced user experience.

Specifically, to claim bounties, you must be signed in and have a wallet connected.

To fund bounties without a wallet, please use Solana Pay by scanning the QR code on the bounty page.

A Claim-button will appear on closed bounties assigned to you, after you have signed in with your GitHub account and connected your crypto wallet. Maintainers can close bounties they deem finished.

Upon claiming a bounty, the bounty's reward is transferred directly to your crypto wallet.

Please note that it may take about 15 minutes for a bounty to be closed on-chain after completing it.

Both the Bounty Program front-end (this website) and the back-end (the Heavy Duty Drill platform) are open-source, and can can be found on GitHub.

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Grow your open-source portfolio by completing bounties that interest you, expand your network, and get paid for your work.

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